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Smile Factory

Smile Factory is a Colorado based non-profit organization that takes every cent raised, giving it away to strangers for a smile, in an effort to celebrate selflessness and break the social patterns of life.

Episode 001 was financed with Mental state Music shirt sales. Episodes 002 and 003 were financed with charity events hosted by the Toad Tavern and Lincoln Street Bar and Grill.

We are currently working towards a new series of Smile Factory episodes revolved around underpaid work groups (teachers/counselors/etc). We will be back in production near 2020.

Smile Factory T-Shirts

10% of your purchase goes to the next episode of Smile Factory

smile factory ep 3

Episode 001

$140 from Mental State Music shirt sales

Episode 002

$270 from Toad Tavern

Charity Event on 08/06/2016


Episode 003

$240 From Lincoln Street Bar and Grill

Charity Event on 02/16/2017

$60 added from Mental State Music (Daniel Scott Burke)

lincoln street feb 16

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