Mental Cords

General psychology and personal thoughts by Daniel Scott Burke. This started as self videos in an attempt to focus and heal personal traumas. PTSD is a subliminal problem in this world and we all have it in one form or another. Let’s heal together.

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Your Vision - MP3

The way you look at things is a direct reflection of what you are to have. Look at the bigger picture... If you learn to appreciate nature, maybe nature will appreciate you. Love yourseld for who you are, no matter what.
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Alone in Self - MP3

Have you ever had an argument inside of yourself with your subconscious mind. And the whole time you know he's/she's right. It would be wise for us to listen and take directive from this greater self. It is a much calmer and more patient being than our conscious self.
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Get Over It - MP3

We have the magnificent opportunity to be the conductor, and with this comes the ability to bring anything we wish into our existence... to have any feeling within, without exterior influence. Take advantage of this greatness and be more of you.
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Forward... Strong - MP3

A lesson about facing forward and not allowing anyone around you to deter your movement. It is very important to make steps... even more so than to think and plan. Planning wont give you the learning experiences that you need to succeed in the future. Mistakes will.
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Depression/Social Anxiety MP3

It will clutter your past. Then when you turn to a certain age, wisdom will remind you of how much time you wasted over false pretenses and fearful nothings.
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Roots/Surroundings MP3

Metaphorical for you being a tree. Though, you actually have a choice of who or what you bring into as your surroundings. Many times we complicate our lives with the surroundings we keep.

Daniel Scott Burke speaks about making mistakes and going through painful moments as necessary conditioning to solidify ground on higher levels of existence, both spiritual and emotional (climbing the staircase).

Daniel Scott Burke discusses the importance of emotional intelligence and how your reactions are teaching others about you subliminally. How we perceive things is a direct route to how we feel in life.

Daniel Scott Burke speaks about the importance of looking forward towards your goals and not letting distractions cause you to crash. As well, laying a custom foundation for the forward movement that is you. Nobody is like you, so assure your movements to be the best of you.

Daniel Scott Burke brings up fear and the automatic failure it will bring to you in any situation. Fear never has any positive bearing on how things will turn out. And in the mirror momentum, the brain will always bring negative energy and pull into your existence. Not only will you lose your grip, you will hurt inside for no reason at all. The number one reason for all failure. Fear.

Daniel Scott Burke speaks in using your mind to feed your brain good food to bring great things into your own existence. As well, no matter where you sit, you can ALWAYS train your mind to pull you out of that condition and into a greater one. Thank you for your time and attention.

Mental Cords 2016

Daniel Scott Burke Speaks from the Mind

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