Eleven 10

The following items are for sale as mood enhancers. Every product below has been deemed by Raccoona to be enlightening visually which gives powerful insight to serve as a tool to beat negative energy. Eleven 10 is another movement towards fighting depression.

10% of all sales goes to Smile Factory 004

(Dedicated Teacher Appreciation)

Positive Energy Paintings

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Purple Passion Fruits $38.00

When your eyes meet this vibrant sight, it allows you a nurturing sensation of thirst quenching emotion. The purple, green and yellow background pulls you right in to the great smell of flowers and lets you out with a taste of grapes. It is very satisfying and all who see it in your kitchen will subliminally desire more of it's presence.

18 inches tall x 24 inches wide x 1 inch deep

My Yellow Nature (Large) 38.00

The golden, bronze essence allows the viewer to create their own emotion from this visual magnificence. Even though it is covered in yellow shades, you can still see the dimensional nature emitting from this visual splendor. This art piece will fill your room with subliminal, comforting light.

24 inches tall x 20 inches wide x .8 inches deep

My Yellow Nature (Small) $16.00

It's like a small window to a special place that only you can go. The texture of this amazing art piece is brilliant. Perfectly proportionate to allow a second needed look. Subliminally, it is a need to look again after first sight to make assure what you saw was correct. Buy this great painting and laugh inside watching your visitors uncontrollably take multiple looks. It's impossible not to. Fantastic energy to give.

8 inches tall x 10 inches wide x .5 inches deep

Politely Pear $18.00

No frame... No canvas... just a gorgeous painting on a slab of splendor. It's rustic design adds to the positive energy that flows as you smile looking at it. Two pears connected at the top as the imperfect middle section twists your focus. This would look amazing in your bathroom.

11 inches tall x 10 inches wide x .2 inches deep

White Willow Waves $28.00

At first look, it surprises you with it's frosted frame. As you look closer, you realize it's so simply put together that it gives you comfort in the ordinary. Usually, everything is as it seems... until you look closer. You can almost hear the waves splashing against the rocks, causing forceful elegance. It is a one of a kind piece that you deserve to own. Life is to be enjoyed.

12 inches tall x 20 inches wide x 2.5 inches deep

Empty Sides of Marina $38.00

There is nothing quite breathtaking than multiple colors in the sky right before sundown. This simplistic, open ended visual experience has a lot of opportunity for you. If placed side by side your mind will automatically piece it together. Flip it upside down and you will derail the train of thought. Once you take the time to piece it together, you are filled with a great peace. This piece represents the calm and quiet. The time is now for such things.

15.5 inches tall x 11.7 inches wide x 1.2 inches deep

Stuffed Comfort Characters

Pricing includes shipping differential

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Gregory the Lonebear $18.00

Gregory is the most inarticulate, intelligent bear you will come across. He is most definitely the voice of reason in every group he finds himself in. Seems to be the way for Gregory. His IQ is way above most so he finds himself a loner. Yet he is spiritually strong enough to accept this universal deed.

Measures 12 inches tall x 9 inches wide

Mason the Kindbear $18.00

Mason is the type of bear you want around to keep your accounts in order. He is extremely kind and awkwardly honest every minute of the day.  You can either keep him in your living room to watch over your stuff, or in your child's room to assure they don't get into trouble.

10 inches tall x 8.5 inches wide

Edgar the Bumbear $18.00

Considered to be the outcast, Edgar is the most humble of all bears. He spreads positive energy and subliminal insight to the whole room. Use him as a side piece or adopt him for your young one to learn from. Both are amazing decisions to make.

Measures 15 inches tall x 14 inches wide


We would like to thank Lily's Cocina LLC for their adoption of Edgar. 10% of this sale was donated to the Smile Factory for the recording of episode 004. We hope you learn much from the Bumbear. He is an amazing friend and we miss him already.

Bishop the Roccobear $18.00

Dedicated to Rocky Bishop ( a forever friend)

He will make you laugh... yet most of all, he will remind you of how important you are every time he is near you. Bishop is your life long friend. Courage, Strength and Protective Energy will be with you when he is around because there is nothing in this world he wont go up against to assure your comfort.

Measures 17 inches tall (Standing) x 12 inches wide

Energy Emitting Items

Pricing includes shipping differential

If you are a Colorado resident use contact info below for a discount

Hand In Hand Sculpture $32.00

Emitting Acceptance and Friendship

This amazing sculpture gives the virtual experience of true friendship and acceptance. It emits great energy and is a magnificent side art piece to any room. Show your affectionate side with this perfect expressive sculpture.

Measures 8.5 inches tall x 2.2 inches wide

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