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Take me or Leave me

I appreciate your time and attention more than you may ever know. I was told not too long ago that I was an attention seeker... when in retrospect, i am pushing every optimal outlet to share my experiences in an attempt to catch the hearts of the people who have been through what I have. I dont have one inch of contempt for my past or current actions. So any and all who feel transgressions toward me, surface now, so I can cut you out of my system.

51 days ago I was in the darkest place I had ever been in, in my entire life... even when placed next to my deepest post traumatic stressors as a youth, there was an inner voice inside protecting me. This time, I put myself into the most horrible place.... and I had to crawl out of that hole, not only alone, but without that voice. It was the hardest hole to ever exist in and the hardest place to crawl out of.

I will never in my life look back on that place, nor do anything ever again that would place me there a second time. Now I vow to be the best of myself in every way, truthfully, honestly and completely (good and bad) no matter any thoughts from any other in existence in my path. This has caused me many, many opportunities of expression (good overwhelming any possible bad) that I can share with all others who see things the same way as I do... with eyes of positive nature, a heart of sincerity and a soul of powerful insight.

I will forever share this knowledge with those who are sincere and I will wisely cutting dark humans from observing my mold. I thank you (the reader) with every inch of me. I promise every inch of love you bring to me, I will give back to you.



Seed, Soil, Strength and Growth.

One thing I recently learned about business is that you need to hand down branch functions to other roots for growth. If you attempt to do everything, it becomes the same as doing nothing.

Find 3 main strengths to fulfill as the core and chose leaf expectations. Most importantly, eliminate branches that stunt growth. If a branch continues to let down the tree, cut it completely off.

This tree has been growing for 20 long years and if it is to reach its highest level, there can be no more wasteful twigs!!



Shadows and Lightshade

If we're discussing light and dark as phases of consciousness, you can't have one without the other. Every light has it's shade and every shade has it's light. I can remember many moments of dark and many moments of light in my experience of consciousness. Either, or, comes from decision/choices and if it wasn't for that ability, we would not have free will. It's a sacrifice of sorts.

When you make a decision/choice that brings you darkness, perhaps it would be wise to consider the balance to come. Instead of placing thought and energy into why the decision was made that brought you that darkness, think about and push forward on the decision/choice that will bring your light back.

I believe this to be a mental way of living to maintain a stronger light over the necessary dark life provides for you. In essence, you have no choice but to be human and mistakes will always haunt your forward movement. Rather than placing negative energy on your humanity, forgive yourself of your nature and go forward on being better.



My Dark Angel (I will find her)

I've had few relationships in my life, yet made many mistakes within them. Makes complete sense if you knew my complete background. None of my significant others saw me die as a child, or saw the darknesses I've overcome. They all knew who I seemed to be, as I gave them the best of me. I am not proud of how PTSD's overwhelming gateway swallowed me whole while I was with them.

But... let me give myself this credit. I gave them each an overwhelming sense of love. One that they never received before from any man. Perhaps it was the love reflection I was missing my whole life. None of them could provide the sense of nurturing my inner spirit needed, nor should they. That is something I will never receive due to the scars within and I have to be at peace with that. I have to cure that on my own.

I look back on the two magnificent woman that tried to give me their all and I see the difference in love languages. If only I had seen them then like I see them now. I would like to think that would have been the key to keeping them in my arms. Yet, how would I know. I don't. So forward I go... learning from each of their experiences.

There is no reason to kick up dust about any of my past and I would suggest the same to all of you. After all, if it was "true" love I know in my heart, spirit and brain that they would still be here. None of the mistakes I made would have been committed if they would have seen, understood and supported that darkness in me. Or... if I would have found a way to simply explain it to them without requesting more from them. Instead, placing it on the table and seek a way to cure myself internally with what they were already giving. I know it's too late for that.

I apologize with every inch of my soul to them and also to myself. PTSD was the gateway to my every mistake. I was never taught better. I had time between each to heal if it was time that would do so, but it was never time that I needed. It was a woman that would love me to death. One that would cover the darkness and love me to the extent that I would be able to heal, rather than feel alone and empty.

It can go both ways...

Perhaps they weren't strong enough.
Or perhaps my damages were to strong.

One thing I know for sure, neither of them are here with me so I will go ahead and take the blame. They can take refuge in knowing it was all my fault. While I live the reality that they weren't enough to break my beast away, being rewarded with the perfect husband that loves his beauty flawlessly. Because she is the only thing that takes the fucking pain away. Her being the special one that will be in my arms in the future.

My Dark Angel... the one who will finally heal my scars.


08/18/18 the Day of Life's Reflection

I'm 40 years old and 40 days into my "new life" regimen. Better shape, stronger spirit and completely sober. This is a mind mark for the rest of my life. I've been through hell and back, which gave me the spiritual momentum to make change in all those around me. This is the day I walk away from every inch of my past, taking every element (good and bad) into perspective and leaving every distraction (people, places and things) right where they belong... behind me.

My most heart felt suggestions for here and now is for all to become more of themselves. For all to grow in spirit, away from all negative form and become eternally grateful for the life given before us. If you are hurting, dig to the root of the problem (people, places and things) and have the courage to gut it out of your system (life). There are two elements here (on Earth) that you have the rightful ability to own... comfort and joy.

Go get that shit!!

I Love Every One Of You



When you're at work, do you sing and dance? Why not. Will others judge you, look at you weird or point you out. I would hope so. There is nothing to be proud of if you are like all the rest. And if all the rest are stuck in some sort of status quo, you'd be wise to break free from that sense of conformity.

It's up to you to wake up, be happy to go to work and be the different one. There will be people that will aspire to be more like you and before you know it, the whole workplace will be happier with you in it. Be the change you want to see in this world. Or the world will continue to be the same and you will never be in charge of that magnificent opportunity to change it.

Take advantage of the small beauties of this world, seek greatness in all and tell them about themselves. If you can hone the power to reflect greatness in others, you will also hone the power of being great inside of yourself. Never damper that amazing shine you were born to have. If anyone brings darkness around you, be sure to leave it with them, as they made the decision long ago to keep that energy.

I Love You



Went to visit a very quiet and gorgeous place today. Followed my spirit and climbed a very steep mountain to get to it. My soul was screaming at me to leave the city and face some internal issues that were affecting my thought process... it was an amazing experience.

Going alone was most important. I've visited many great places with many great people but I have never discovered a place to call my own. Until now. I cried, laughed and prayed to the sky asking for answers. The response came when this massive fly landed on my arm. Instead of shooing it away I talked to it. Told it that it was a beautiful creature. It looked at me and I sincerely felt a thank you right before it flew away.

1- Be Kind to All Creatures
B- Fight All Fears

That was it. I believe when we ask questions of God or Ourselves, the answer is given in our own voice immediately. Without discomfort and simply put. The bigger question is are we prepared to listen to that and accept it. After all, usually when we have issues, we have created them ourselves by not accepting or appreciating what is in front of us. Or by not changing and adapting to that inner voice of self.

May we all prosper.



Going Forward Alone

Even though there may be others around you, being alone is internal. You may have pains and sorrows that nobody else can see within you. Even if you articulate these issues to others and publically bring them to the light, you will still need to feel every inch of them alone. There is no outer source that will make this easier for you.

Give yourself some credit for standing where you are right now. After all the darkness you had to endure, you are still alive and your heart is still beating. Nevermind the aching, as it will pass with strong forward movement. I know it hurts... I have mine too. We all do in some form or another. Do not request acceptance from others, if you feel you need to, they may not be a good source for your life in the first place.

Being alone is not a burden, it is a magnificent, spiritual belonging. If there were others within you, you would not have the opportunity to become exactly what you know you truly deserve to be. You would be affected by another. Being alone is wonderful. You were given this outstanding spirit to endure all that you need to in order to become what it is you think and feel the most.

Take time to accept this wonderful opportunity. You have been given the power to wake up in a new day, in a new way to grow bigger and better than you have ever imagined.

Go ahead and cry. It is more than okay to do so. You need to feel every inch of sadness and place light into every inch of darkness. This is necessary to feel the greatness that is still to come. Don't forget balance. What you deserve is on the way, I promise.

I am so proud of you and I love you so much.

Never stop fighting... and I won't either.



Customize their Experience!

Life is experienced differently by all who travel here. Assure to give the greatest and most positive experience to all that you may encounter. Not because you need to... because you want to.

Even if they contain negative energy and direct it to you, always be better than the weather. It will bring more to your core.

Turning 40 this year has taught me that my experience here needs to be stronger within and much more stronger given out. The best way to feel good inside is to make others feel good first and foremost.

Regardless of what's behind us, let's go forth with love and care.

We all deserve better.



If you're reading this. I love you.

No matter how we cross... where we go or went. I love every one of you. Lay the hate to evaporate or death will be the only thing that ties us together.


Ignorance is not bliss. What you don't know can take your life away. The good life given, destroyed by the fear of what we don't know. I spent most of my life worrying about how others viewed me... which took away a massive amount of opportunity.

When we allow fear into our hearts, we allow a non existent energy to take the wheel. Taking us the wrong direction. I know, mostly, that if it hurts or if it causes strain, it provides a great reward in the end. As long as you have the gall to take it.

Break fear. Every facet of it. By inviting the pain and anxiety with strong, open arms. Let nothing get in the way of that prize you will receive in the balance.



Crawled out of the Darkest Hole

I just stood up from the deepest and darkest place. Internal failure, in a moment of life that I needed to be my best, most. Again, I fell into the black hole and became my weakest.

Today... is day number 30 to my most recent rise. This will be my strongest and most meaningful stand up. I lost so much of my soul and hurt in places I have never hurt in before. Never again will I travel to those places.

- From this point forward I will fucking heal
- I will be more of myself
- Never again will I accept less than the best

This sacrifice will not be in vain. I am on my way to absolute greatness. And I'm very much looking forward to it.

Daniel Scott (mothafuckin') Burke



What are your scars?

Maybe a good wonder to have when you're starting to like someone. Might be even better to seek, psychologically, what walls, triggers and discomforts may be snug inside of his/her mind and body... buried like a magical treasure.

I've had a couple of very strong relationships in my past and to be quite honest, I believe it was my scars and walls that actually broke them apart. To this day, I can see how much better I could of been in many areas. So I kicked myself for so long, so many times, rather than seek my own underlying issues that may have caused the cracks to exist in the first place.

People are more eager to know if they like the same kind of music, have the same taste in foods or if they have sexual interest in each other. When all the while each of them have dark holes or scars from past traumas, break ups or painful experiences that could surface unexplained negative behavior today.

Just recently, after my last breakup, I had a break down of my deeper self. The answer was way too simple, yet too emotionally charged in the moment to endure it. I lost my greatest love because of it.

I begged her to love me stronger, and when I felt she didn't, I became self destructive...

Maybe it's because I had no dad and my mother disappeared on me when I needed her most in my life.

Now I lost my best love, a beautiful, imperfect yet phenomenally gorgeous woman, for a scar/damage that I couldn't be emotionally intelligent about.

Moral: assure you are at one with yourself and emotionally intelligent about all of your past. Never judge parts of her that can be explained with damaging pasts you don't know about. And if you love her, be patient about those scars, show her yours and spend a lifetime pasting them together.

It's a blessing to have.

Remember, this may be your last chance to truly live spiritual love with another. Don't fuck that up.



Q. Do you know why most people feel the need to bicker about the leader when he/she can't hear it?

A. They have become too comfortable in their own position.

B. They don't have the mental fortitude to become a leader.

Leaders congregate content for purpose.
Followers simply follow.

+ The one you see bickering kicks it on the couch empty of goals and hooked to the tube.

= You (as the leader) don't have even one minute to spare away from your set goals, leading you to the top.


One of our most pressing issues in life is judgment. Whether it's toward someone else, or within, of self. Our reality holds expectations and we feel the need to place pressure behind our every decision due to this mental conformity. Challenge yourself to naturally up judge (think great of all others in some way) and to force positive self belief. Watch your life become better and become the difference this world so desperately needs.



Learn Yourself Happy by DSB

I learned recently that hypervigilance is a trait often formed by PTSD. Not being able to help someone in multiple near death experiences has definately caused a need to show force. I have learned to love the feeling of being angry. Had many jobs where I was in the position to be the first to arrive in dangerous situations. It's a needed release and this was the best way to incorporate that into my life.

Dangerous situations don't mix well with the importance to live and I have daughters. They gave me the ability to live and a reason to heal. I have faltered many times before them. There was not much hope given all my damages before their existence, however, they know the difference between spiritually rich and unhappily tied to the world. I can take credit for for that.

My pinpoint here is perception and balance. Take every past moment, good or bad, and incorporate it as a strength in your current life. You can experience it any way you choose so find a way to "learn yourself happy."

Study the brain, the mind and your body to exist appropriately, in accordance of where you are truly trying to go. School will teach you enough propaganda to live in the status quo but it's up to you to research your true form of existence.

Here I am, mirroring this to myself and still having complications with growth. Yet I look around myself and I see many more below this intelligence.



Your confidence serves as roots, the closest people you keep, as your branches. Every leaf is what you talk, so make sure every word out of your mouth is sustainable or it will just blow away in the wind. Sometimes you need to break a branch to continue growth if it goes against your nature. It grew from your confidence in the first place so if nothing destroys your confidence, you will forever grow.


Try communicating selflessly. Try listening more and needing them to know about you less. When you look at people like they contain a diamond of comfort, you build that comfort in yourself by accepting and truly appreciating them.



One of the most important and harmful lessons in life is the importance of appreciating the beauty that is always in front of you. If you fail to appreciate the scene, you will lose it's beauty. Unfortunately, we seem to need to lose a lot of greatness in our lives before we finally learn this.



Every day is a perfect day to begin a new way. We fight, we hurt, we struggle and we heal. Yet, we must always learn and grow. Become stronger through the pain.



Some people live angry. Usually, it's a learned behavior. And most of the time they don't understand how to not be angry. Never take or give energy to them. Empathize. The best thing you can do for them is to be happy around them. Allow them to perceive how your good energy is not affected by any outside source. You are the empowering change in this life. Just by being you.


It's never too late to find and accept what you're worthy of having. Today is just the beginning. You need to know it, find your own way to show it and you can begin the travel to bestow it. I Love You. You can do this... I promise.


23 days away

Let me tell you what I learned from her.

When you finally do find her, take advantage of every small second. Never try to change her. Appreciate her magical wonder instead. And never create an understanding to exactly what love is, how it acts or how it should be given. If you rush her, you will be pushing her past your existence.

Patiently enjoy her every minute you can and never force energy that does not belong in her. If the flower truly loves you, she will appreciate your patient actions and begin to flourish. Spiritual Love is a phenomenal experience to behold. Cherish it... and hold on to her forever.



Rejection breeds obsession. Remember that it's not the actual person that you miss, but the fantasy of who you thought they were.

Focus on what you can learn from the loss, pressing forward on a better you and ultimately finding a better version of them.


Never let your friends/family or those around you make/break your happiness/decisions. If what they think/feel has anything or all to do with your personal choices, you are in for regret. Don't let them take away your chance/choice to live in your own form of happiness. No matter what that is... fight for it.


Becoming Spiritually Free by DSB

This is only possible with a mental re-birth.

We were born into a world with it's own evolution. Leaving us with no choice but to conform to it's current standards. Learning what it presents as the now, causing us to start there, rather than nowhere. Do you catch my drift?

Simply put, socialism is programmed into us from birth and it only wants us to go with the flow, to ride the wave or to conform to its truthfulness. Allowing it's truths, steals our endless possible realities from our future. Disobey and you are placed into a drawer, shut away, ubserdly enough by your most loved ones (as they fear change in the machine). It's all we know.

I've often wondered how amazing my brain/mind would be, how magnificent life would feel if we were allowed a life with no underlying history. Take all the books away, allow myself free thinking and uninfluenced thought processes. To think we'd be less intallectual is ignorant and we can show no measure due to us not being allowed the possibility.

My vision is breakage of conformancy. With an intallectual mindframe and a psychological outlook, living spiritually free is an absolute possibility. What you see/hear on the outside, is not necessarily the feeling/sound to be accepted/neglected on the inside. It's a chosen thought process and it's usually controlled with fear, until we decide to break a mental, visual or emotional conformancy. We forget that we have that power.

You can go aeons beyond anything you could have ever imagined for yourself. As long as you hone the ability to unconform mentally, spiritually and emotionally. Right in front of you, a decision to be made, allowing you what you have always wanted.

Becoming Spiritually Free



They say that you fall in love with the people who make you love the person you are when you're around them. As within, so without. The answer then becomes so simple... love yourself more than anybody. Never settle for less than the best.



Free download of a PDF I pieced together using psychology, body language and social influence books while working security at Denver Health. The metal detectors got very boring after midnight on weekdays and I was pushing hard for a supervisor position. I used all these techniques during the 3 panel interview, being rewarded with this magnificent position. These techniques can be used in every situation in life. So I decided to share it with you here.

mmp 03


Eventually (reasons for contentment)
by Daniel Scott Burke

I refuse to become a part of your hatred,
Your eyes pasted so unloving to my possibility,

I refuse all the thoughts that you've pasted,
Your wasted time in fear to the plantation of my tree,

Never have I done what you place me for has,
So insecure with yourself, mad at you, not me,

Ignorance is bliss, so much in your past,
Your wall is so thick, from the pain that you see,

It's not my fault, how you lose touch with Earth,
Maybe your mother wasn't well and daddy was gone,

Same goes for me, I get it, my life sucked worse,
Yet now I'm old enough to realize it, on to a different song,

I will never close to you...

you're a lotus with my consent,

I admire your struggle, its dear to me and I will help you be content... eventually.


If you have to unlove parts of yourself to gain love in parts of others, you're placing your fire in the wrong furnace. Never coal energy into a source that will take away from your strongest movement. If you find something beyond that, cherish every inch of it.