give them comfort


Currently, the only logos offered commercially are the original logo and the original stamp; which we have decided to be the first run of apparel. Below, are suggested logos, designs and campaigns that may or may not be put into the market for future designs on future products. We will continually update this website with new and improved designs and we invite you in to be a part of this new development.

Write us. We would absolutely LOVE to hear from you. #raccoonalife
Raccoona Label

The Offering Table (Campaign for Change)

Offer Protection

protection and family

Offer Friendship

being a friend

Offer Attention

giving attention

Offer Comfort

give them comfort

Offer Endurance

offer endurance

Offer Humility

humiliated publicly

Offer Support

support them

Offer Stability

give them stability

Offer Humor

give them humor

Offer Peanut Butter

peanut butter

The Design Room

Grey Deformity

grey raccoon

Dark Road

dark road


Raccoona Brown 01


Raccoona Comfort

Silent One

Raccoona Soft Shell

The Protector

Raccoona White 02

Raccoona Face Sheet

raccoona face sheet 4


raccoona comfort 03


raccoona place

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