He has been rejected from all the wrestling companies in existence and has been arrested at two of the tryouts. Somebody employed him for construction security and he truly believes he is now the superstar that you have all been waiting for. So we record his antics without his knowledge and bring them to you here.

Constructor - Promotion


He is still building these friendships and assuming his new identity in the construction field quite well. If we didn't record this to show you, you would not believe... that one person could have som much existing within him. Constructor is pulled to the side by Steve where he is offered a promotion. All imaginary of course.
constructor party

Party Crasher

As we watch Constructor on a daily basis to find the perfect moments to bring to you here, we observe him completely change from floor to floor. He plays one persona on one floor and a completely different one on the next. Very entertaining. Yet, every party or meeting he is a part of crashes... builder of disaster for sure.
constructor Maze


Observe Constructor and is very short term memore, get stuck in a wall-less room. Seems impossible... yet he is not the sharpest tool on the construction site. At least he can have fun in an emergency situation. Just another exciting antic from the builder of disaster.
constructor below

Look Out Below

Constructor finds an open window on the 8th floor. Unable to keep his obvious excitement under control, he decides to throw a screw at someone below. Not a good idea.
Constructor - Floating Box

Floating Box

We deliberately set up an empty box hanging by a wire to see how Constructor would react to it. He took it right into play with this imaginary workforce that he works with. Not even a blink, as he continues his antics. Now we know he is a Mike Tyson fan.
Constructor - Doctor


Constructor finds things to act out with every thing he runs into. Quite literally. Watch Constructor in his surgery process as a doctor. The problem, all along, wire!! Of course it was.

Aliens - Observe Constructor act out his favorite scene in the Alien movie. It is so interesting to see how quickly his mind works. Seems as though his body can't keep up. Crazy Constructor!!

Escape Room - Join Constructor and Carl (imaginary) as they try figuring out the puzzle to getting out. We bet it has something to do with the screws in his pocket. Constructor is probably the last person we would want to be stuck in a room with.

The X Drink - Constructor blames Richard (imaginary) for spiking his Pepsi. Now it seems as though Richard did not stick around to see the fireworks. So glad we caught this oddity on video.

Constructor is hill-air-e-bomb!!

Zombies - Witness Constructor fight against the zombie apocalypse. As you will notice, he is fully enthralled in this scenario, while destroying things in his path. However, he seems to clean up after himself, so we'll take the laugh and await the next scene of his antics. Go Constructor!!

Meeting the Third - Join a meeting of the minds with Constructor and staff members (imaginary) as they discuss the nothing. Be a part of the movement fighting this enemy by building something. Make any sense... at least Constructor didn't break anything.

That we know of.

War of Star - Observe Constructor act out one of his favorite movies. Being caught and then joined by secondary, lead construction manager Steve (imaginary). Dave walks in and Constructor places blame on Steve for the antics.

Therapy - Dave (Imaginary Manager) attempts to get Constructor into regular sessions (Imaginary Therapist) to assist with the dangers of having him on the construction site. Up until the point that Constructor denies the services.

Bobsled Team - Constructors age shows from time to time when he plays out parts of old movies. Witness him catch his partner Ricky (imaginary) cheating in the races. Which leads to a ticket and major disappointment from Constructor.

Eats - Seems as though Constructor is a great salesman. He has all that you may need and then some. However if you don't take his recommendations seriously, he may close up shop early for the day. Hey... his store, his rules.

Fishing Hole - Constructor joins his new friend John at a fishing hole and he is quickly brushed with a stroke of luck catching a big one. WIRE. Constructor exits as quickly as he enters on this one. Stating that he is going to sell the wire. He never leaves with anything he finds on property. What an imagination!!

Weird Room - This room caught his attention immediately. He took orders from his imaginary lead, Dave, to fetch the broom. We were actually surprised he finished the task knowing the phobias at hand. He's a riot and a half!!

The Duel - Constructor appears in his chariot ready to duel with his enemy (he can never remember the enemies name). We wish we had a camera two feet further back to see this fall. No matter, the look on his face when he is accidentally sprung forward is priceless. Perhaps gravity was the enemy in this one.

Press Conference - Check out Constructors social skills with the media. He is actually better than most officials that we know of. Seems as though he cant ever finish a task that he starts. Funny part is he is a security guard and he's all alone. He wouldn't believe it if we told him. So we won't.

Birthday - In this antic of a birthday scene, it seems that Cunstructor is being surprised by all of his imaginary staff. He sure does have a big heart, and a strange fascination for wire. Perhaps he loves it in his own head because he can shut it down at any second. Notice the abrupt exit!!

Second Bus Stop - Witness Constructor bring a new character into play. We often wonder if he truly believes these people exist. His tone and mannerisms seem to change when he's speaking to each. Constructor obviously does not understand the respect your elders cue.

Constructo-Kid - Just a normal night for Constructor. Though he was hired to do security, he spends his whole night creating scenarios and playing out scenes. Were not complaining, as the break in rate has decreased by 5,000% and it makes total sense. Who wants to enter a place protected by a psycho.

Falcor - There is this warming tickle inside when you see Constructor get excited about something. We still have no idea what he is doing by emptying his pockets of screws. Kid of seems suspicious. We'll keep an eye on him!!

Afraid of Heights - Witness Constructor push himself to the limit as he tries to face his fear of heights. We have to wonder, considering he is alone at night, why he would put himself in this scenario. Gotta love him!!

Music Man - Constructor shows off some new colors as he gets carried away with a musical performance. Witness him lose himself in the moment and forget the task at hand, given by this imaginary Steve guy. One of the many people inside of his head.

Bus Stop - Take a bus ride with the madman himself. Well, actually he never seems to make it on the bus. He always ends up back on the construction site and we sometimes wonder if he even has a home. Yet, we dont mind him here so we will allow his antics. Just for you.

Bath Time - 10 minutes went by at our office where Constructor seemed to be off the map. Then he popped out of this bathtub on the 3rd floor. He had to of been laying in there for quite some time for us to lose track of him. This has never happened before.

Blue Prints - As Constructor marches by an unfinished room, he notices blue prints of the site. The excitement witnessed here causes us to believe he has a new love for the construction industry. Perhaps this is a sign of him accepting that wrestling is not in his future.

Second Time Meeting - This was his second meeting where there were new names introduced and a possible admirer. We had never seen this part of him... and the more we observe his madness, the more we become attached to his lunacy. He seems to care.

Afraid of the Dark - As you will begin to notice, there are many reasons that no wrestling entity would employ this madman. He is afraid of the dark which became evident in his tryout with WCW, where he ran around in circles continually, screaming in hysterics, during his intro. He did so until they had to turn the lights completely on and have the police escort him off of property. Seven times!!

Port-A-Potty - After constant surveillance of his antics, we noticed that every time he uses the port-a-potty on the construction site, it becomes an unsettling experience to watch. Most of which we can not show you publicly. The following is of such instances.

The Meeting - Total insanity we tell you. Look into his eyes as he gives pieces of paper to the non existing people in this manic meeting he is holding. He truly believes they are there.

Introduction - Notice his trademarks and mental issues. These are parts of his cracked mind, attempting to find a home in his natural habitat. This is the only camera of ours that he has found.

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