Antiki is a place where you benefit from our searches. We thrift once a week all over Colorado to find the most sought after, forgotten treasures. The products you see below have been personally priced. We do not do investigations on the value of the products we find. No matter the market value on any product, we found what you are looking for and you didn't even need to leave your house to find it. We are bringing it to your front door. Welcome to Antiki.

Pricing includes shipping differential. If you are a Colorado resident use contact info below for a discount.

Rare Vintage Kodak Camera Lot $62.00

Kodak Colorburst 300 (est. 1978), Kodak Ektar Movie Camera (est. 1989), Kodak 470 Disc (est. 1986).

Vintage Coors Tin $32.00

Celebrating one of Colorado's greatest brewery's of all time. Measurements: 16 inches tall x 12 inches wide

USS 1814 Model Ship $37.00

Rare version of the Constitution USS 1814 Model Ship. Measurements: 15 inches tall x 16 inches wide x 2 inches deep

Beanie Babies $38.00

15 Packaged and 25 others. We discovered these on a hidden shelf in Englewood.

B. Ridgley Horse $12.00

Very Rare Art Piece on a Plate by B. Ridgley. Unknown Origin and Date.

Wooden Love $32.00

Amazing (Rare) Wall Art on Real Glossed Wood by Unknown Artist and Unknown Origin.

1969 Friden Printable Calculator $42.00

Vintage Friden Calculator. Extremely heavy and a Great Find. Own this Piece of History.
friden 01
friden 02
friden 03

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