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The Smile Factory Non-Profit Organization

Celebrating selflessness and giving 100% of collections to strangers in a selected environment on an average day. May fate bring us to those who need a smile.
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Eleven-10 Storefront

Providing Healing Products along-side Raccoona

Select products designed to spread hope, positive energy and enlightenment to those that acquire ownership of them.
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Our Collections for Sale - Unique Online Stores

We visit our neighborhood goodwill on a regular basis seeking treasures that you may find great value from. May you benefit from our travels.
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Products of Significant Value

Rare Vintage/Antique Finds

Raccoona's 2nd edition Designer and Arts meet

On 11/10/2017 we had great coffee, amazing talent and humble presentation. We can learn a lot from the raccoon. Raccoona Design and Apparel teamed up with Joe Maxx Coffee Co. to bring you new art, support and friendship.
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Raccoona's 1st official Designer and Arts meet

On 06/24/2017 we had our first official designer and arts meet. Many new people were exposed to the movement and new friendships were developed. We are very thankful for all who made it to support this event.
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The raccoon signifies struggle to move forward in a dark place for yourself and your family. This is a reminder that no matter what is in front of you, there is a way to break free of the conformity.

Depression and social anxiety are all too real in the beholder. And we at Raccoona believe there is a way out of this suffering.

Become more of yourself.


Raccoona Therapy Page

Comedy, motivational speaking and blogging network designed to assist you in your travels.
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Raccoona Original Stamp

Black T-Shirts and Snap Back Hats ($19.99)

Shed light into darkness by wearing your emotions on your sleeve. Push or change and confidence building. All profits go to new designs and products for your expressive comfort.