About Us

Mission Statement

For Every Depression there is Vitality

And Every Dark Place a Reflection of Light

Raccoona is the Wisdom to Share

The Knowledge to Learn to Be

When you Decide to Become More of You

No Matter What That Is

About Us

Raccoona is a way of life.

The raccoon signifies struggle to move forward in a dark place for yourself and your family. This is a reminder that no matter what is in front of you, there is a way to break free of the conformity.

Depression and social anxiety are all too real in the beholder. And we at Raccoona believe there is a way out of this suffering.

There is a way to live again. So by this, we challenge you to become more of yourself and break free from the chains that society has created for you.

When you wear this apparel and stand behind this design, you are promising yourself that you will fight depression at it's core and all social anxieties are forever behind you.

Thank you for your time.

Sending our LOVE!!


Raccoona First Run Products

Every purchase brings Raccoona closer to a new design and a new avenue to fight depression and anxiety. There are no profits in Raccoona, just a development to new understanding, new quotes and apparel to spread this idea.

Raccoona Original Stamp

Black T-Shirts and Snap Back Hats ($19.99)

This is your opportunity to shed light into darkness by wearing your emotions on your person. When people ask you what Raccoona is, you can tell them it is for change and confidence building. For every purchase, 10% is given to the Smile Factory non-profit organization and will assist in creating smiles for middle class, hard working people in the video recorded series. The remainder will go into new designs and new products for your expressive comfort.

Raccoona Therapy Page

Video Traveling, Constructor, Mental Cords & DSB Eternal

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The Smile Factory Non-Profit Organization

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Eleven-10 Storefront

Providing Healing Products along-side Raccoona

Amazing art pieces and products to spread hope, positive energy and enlightenment. Click image below to see what is transpiring. Much more to come.

Our Collections for Sale - Unique Online Stores

May You Benefit from Our Searches

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Products of Significant Value

Rare Vintage/Antique Finds

Raccoona's 2nd edition Designer and Arts meet

On 11/10/2017 we had great coffee, amazing talent and humble presentation. We can learn a lot from the raccoon. Raccoona Design and Apparel teamed up with Joe Maxx Coffee Co. to bring  new and improved art and design Our mission was to spread hope, support and friendship. It was a magnificent time.

raccoona joe maxx 01
raccoona joe maxx 02
raccoona joe maxx 03
raccoona joe maxx 04
raccoona joe maxx 05
raccoona joe maxx 06
raccoona joe maxx 07
raccoona joe maxx 08
raccoona joe maxx 09
raccoona joe maxx 10
raccoona joe maxx 11
raccoona joe maxx 12
raccoona joe maxx 13
raccoona joe maxx 014
raccoona joe maxx 15

Raccoona's 1st official Designer and Arts meet

On 06/24/2017 we had our first official designer and arts meet. Despite the artists invited not being able to make it to market their craft, Raccoona was able to make some decent sales and new people were introduced to the movement. Networking was a success as many new people were exposed to the logos and new friendships were developed. Congratulations to the winners of the raffle prizes ($60 cash, shirts, hats and designer CD storage unit). We are very, very appreciative for all who came out to support this event. Be looking forward to the next event coming soon to a venue near you.

amethyst promo 01
rc event 02
rc event 04
rc event 08
rc event 01
rc event 05
rc event 11
rc event 10
rc event 06
rc event 09
rc event 12
str raccoona
rc event 07

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